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In addition to some of our services registered as Online Marketing under and ZMP alike, we rent or simply lease websites to businesses worldwide. We do this to give people a chance to own an affordable business website of their own – regardless of where they resided on earth.

We know how hard it is to have access to the internet, particularly at some places in Africa, let alone owning a website! To this day even great cities like Johannesburg – South Africa or Windhoek – Namibia, you still find many businesses here and there that have got no access to a website of their own. And the reason; apparently the damned things are too expensive!

And indeed websites are expensive, only the well-off can afford one! But a website is like a new commercial car, it pays itself off. One wouldn’t remain the same after purchasing a website! There are many ways websites generate money online, so as far as we can tell, a website isn’t mandatory but authoritative. But all that has been made easy because everybody can now afford a website of their own, thanks to

So rent a website from us today and see the difference in your business tomorrow! Renting websites to businesses is our business. Try us today!

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As clearly stated in our Website Rental Terms of Service, we do not provide fully fledged websites as such, but rather structural websites for customization by the client. In simple words, we do not design or build complete websites for our clients, they do that!  

And if they don’t have time to do that, they hire somebody to do it for them. But I wouldn’t do that because a website is personal. And that’s where WordPress comes in because with wordpress (as a platform to build a website from) everybody is an expert!

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What we do according to our motto is not about enriching ourselves in terms of money making but rather advancing the power of the Internet. We discovered a way to make the internet work for everybody, not only the richest but everybody anywhere else in the world. And we’re so happy to be part of such a powerful entity – the Internet! There’s no better pleasure than seeing a happy client of ours running a successful website of his own online.

We do plain website rental to businesses and essentially anyone who can afford us, regardless of where on earth they may be located! Our business is to help clients succeed by cutting down on their expenses, time and money.


With us running a successful website online is imperative! The best part as mentioned earlier is that we take full responsibility for your website’s external routine site maintenance, security checks, occasional updates, hosting and the whole lot in order to keep you glued to running your business not entertaining your website!


No matter how much we explain what we do we still get that question –what are we selling exactly? It’s possible that many people aren’t used to buying digital products online, physical goods yes! 

So in simple words again, we’re selling website rentals to businesses and basically anyone who can afford us, regardless of where on earth they may be located at! Our business is to help businesses thrive at possessing nonstop running websites of their own online.

We make website administration experience easy so that our clients would find only pleasure in running their websites. And to rent a website from us today, please hit the banner at the bottom of this page, thank you. 

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