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Welcome to the One Account Page

This is the right page where you’ll find the One Account Order Form for your Prosperity Website today. But before taking you there, we just want to make sure that you didn’t miss the article entitled: Rent Website Inauguration Pageregarding the official inauguration speech for the One Account website product.  It’s extremely important to us that you read the article we just mentioned in order for you to be on the same page with us, otherwise you’ll not understand the difference between the tail and the head of the subject in question! And when that happens you’ll stay behind and miss out on things we already have explained. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to catch the article in question right here by clicking the banner below. NOW CLICK THE BANNER BELOW! 

Well done if you read the article, and now you can continue following the steps prescribed below towards renting your first Prosperity Website with us today, thank you!


  • N$500.00/startup fee+
  • N$200.00/month-fee upfront=
  • N$700.00: Payable upfront of which the STARTUP fee is paid once! And the accompanying N$200.00 monthly fee (paid) covers the immediate month forward up to that particular month-end by then only N$200.00/month would continuously be paid.



  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • We’re here whenever you need us to assist you on questions and issues related to your website.
  • Network Uptime
  • 7% Uptime 24/7 monitored network.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Totally 60 days money back – no questions asked refund.

NOTE: We hope while there, you also read the crucial article entitled: THE COST OF A WEBSITE to fully understand what Website Management is all about! If not, please click on the button below to read it now:

2. The Product (What you’re getting)

  • American Super-Fast SSD Powered Servers
  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth (We worry about space so you won’t!)
  • Free 1 Domain name+protection&Hosting
  • Free Unlimited Site Pages
  • 1 Free your-name-email
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free Site External Security & Maintenance
  • Free latest cPanel with Softaculous
  • Free 24/7 Support
  • And FREE Basic Technology AND own self-regulating admin&site privacy and usernames plus passwords to run your website independently!


4. Get Started

  1. Click the button below to access the product form
  2. On the product form, fill up the spaces provided in choosing a domain name for your website which will end in: and your email address:
  3. Once you’re done, choose the payment method among the once provided and hit that button to purchase your own very first Prosperity Website! Instructions regarding the process from thereon will be included or rather attached to the product form.


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