Valentine's Day Evil?

Very much so, yes, Valentine’s Day is based on immorality and all sorts of wickedness one could ever imagine! For starters, not only sleeping with one’s own biological mother but marrying her and get to live with her publicly in society as man and wife as demonstrated worldwide by Nimrod. But even after doing so, Nimrod wasn’t satisfied yet, so he had to train one of his female goats to have sex with him in front of his wife Semiramis, Semiramis who was also his own biological mother!

By Joseph Sambi

In brief, Nimrod as described in the Book of Genesis and Books of Chronicles as the son of Cush, the son of Ham, son of Noah, hence a Blackman, was a king in the land of Shinar, modern day Mesopotamia. The Bible says that Nimrod had started out kindly as a mighty hunter before the Lord Yahuah, prior to becoming notoriously known as a king most rebellious against God. (Genesis 10)

As far as Nimrod was concerned, not only having sex with one’s own sisters and nieces but bringing forth children by them was the right thing to do under the sun! The man was wicked beyond measure and not only that, but Nimrod was the man who built what had become known as the Tower of Babel, initially built to reach heaven where he hoped to go fight to death with God Almighty! 

Luckily God saw how wicked Nimrod had become, so he felt sorry for the poor people who were forced to build the Tower of Babel, and so he destroyed their plans by transforming their language into several languages.

“Not only Nimrod was the wicked one in that God forsaken family, but his wife too! Here is the most horrible story of them all that will most probably open your mind for good and it goes like this: Semiramis slept with multiple men at once for extra-ordinary pleasure. She had extra-marital affairs than any other woman who ever walked the earth before and after her. And so she became pregnant while married to Nimrod. And before anybody could know about her pregnancy, Nimrod died viciously at the hands of his own people as a punishment for his wickedness.”

Quite quickly, Semiramis thought long and hard about what to do next in order to maintain power, so to hide her unfaithfulness regarding the pregnancy, she publicly claimed that upon his death, Nimrod had been resurrected as the god of the Sun. 

Therefore, as the Sun god, he used his sun rays to miraculously inseminate her with a child. And consequently, her child was conspicuously divinely conceived, so she declared and everybody believed her. Tammuz, she named her child; the name she claimed meant the reincarnated Nimrod himself. That story stayed forever and up to this day people worldwide are still worshipping Tammuz as the reincarnated Nimrod. 

People are really not very clever; no wonder they worship the devil in their churches without them knowing it! Only a handful of people on earth know that Nimrod is basically the father of Valentine’s Day, which means that acknowledging it or celebrating it (Valentine’s Day) in any way possible, unknowingly or knowingly, is far worse than worshipping the devil himself in person!

Semiramis Nimrod

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Valentine’s Day Evil?
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