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I’m so eternally thankful to Joseph for stopping me writing the explanation as to why supergreatbody.com was suspended. I read his article on the topic but how he does that; only he can tell. I grow respect for him daily.

By Cynthia Simpson

Not in a million years would I’ve known how to write such levelheaded facts by myself, in fury still; only he can do that. And he’s right about one thing, my days of fighting with Christina Lopez are over. She’s my friend now. 

I just finished talking to her a while ago, what a good friend that woman is! Pity I didn’t know that when I had her for the enemy. And hating her for her criminal and mental scores usually felt good, sorry. 

However, I’m still upset about how ifastnet.com suspended supergreatbody.com for no reason at all. They suspended us during festive season, how do people recover from that? We had clients wanting to buy products from our stores but they couldn’t, and I won’t blame them if they stay away from us forever! We let them down.

What I know for sure is that nobody has money now to purchase goods online. And it’s possible that will stay that way until April – May. So how do I forgive ifastnet.com for raising such poverty over us?

That was simply one of the reasons I resented Christina. I needed somebody to take out my frustrations on and she happened to be easier target. But presently it sounded awful hearing it coming from Joseph. I didn’t know that I was hurting his feelings each time Christina and I fought! But ifastnet.com is to blame for my loss of serenity. Three months is a long time to wait for nothing and therefore, anybody in my shoes could lose it!  

We wanted to sue ifastnet.com but Joseph wouldn’t hear of it. The only thing Christina and I agreed on, suing ifastnet.com Joseph rejected, how disappointing!  

As far as Joseph was concerned, suing ifastnet.com was out of the question. He justified his position on it by asserting that he wasn’t prepared to fight for other people.

Outwardly, if ifastnet.com could do that to us, chances were they were doing that to all their clients. So taking such people to court, according to him, was a waste of time and money.  So we gave up. 


“I’m learning a lot from Joseph and Christina. My problem is lack of perseverance. Even my former bosses in the police used to tell me that! I can’t tolerate things that appear to be out of control, let alone building something I never went to school for!

Joseph was right, though, there were many sleepless nights I contemplated leaving supergreatbody.com

I couldn’t stand all those endless complications. Christina was bucking at me on this side while ifastnet.com harassed me on the other! And I still had to report to Joseph who reported to other people, that’s more than enough reason to drive anybody to insanity in the brain.”

Silly me, I also still remember how I threatened to leave supergreatbody.com when I came across Christina Lopez’s personal file containing her criminal and mental records, that was the day!

I couldn’t believe that without a gun pointed to his head, Joseph hired a woman with such a rotten background! So I didn’t eat anything that day. I was very angry. But Joseph cared nothing! I like that character in him. It makes him stand his ground when he’s right.

Following that, however, there were many days when I expected him to release Christina because I couldn’t stand that woman! She was or rather is so full of life and that annoyed me very much. But Joseph wouldn’t be moved, he was like a mountain. At times I felt as though he were planning to fire me instead.     

Nonetheless, in retrospect, I appreciate the fact that Joseph didn’t dump or remotely tamper with Christina on my account; I wouldn’t have known what a good person she is! Christina is clever in every way possible. I’m now even convinced, after studying her personal file, which gives me the authority to say that Christina didn’t deserve to go to jail; she’s too good for that. And I’m glad that she chose to tell her story in full on our website under “The Trip That Changed My Life.”

But maybe I should thank Joseph again for hiring her in the first place since I would never have given her a chance myself! Even her name wouldn’t have entered our system. That’s the norm everywhere on earth. Nobody employs ex-convicts, not to mention those who suffered mental breakdown!  

But that scares me now to think that nearly everybody in America treated Christina as such since her return from jail, how heartless! No wonder she cracked again and went to mental hospital.  

Nevertheless, I’m exultant that supergreatbody.com is finally back! And we’re much stronger now with our new host in America than we were with ifastnet.com in England. This progress wouldn’t have happened or made possible without Christina’s insightful contributions. I think she deserves a promotion. I’ll speak to Joseph about it.

For that reason, with great conviction, even I can guarantee that supergreatbody.com will never be suspended ever again.

Again, I would like to thank many people who have been supporting us over the past 4 months through thick and thin. Of which many left us when we were down and almost out, but that’s understandable, nobody wants to stick around with losers.

I also want to thank our friends as Tamara Bellis, Omar Lopez, uhh, they are many! But so far thanks to all our friends, supporters, and readers of supergreatbody.com articles. By Cynthia Simpson!

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