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Joseph asked me to write something here, I don’t know why! But I think he wanted me to say something about supergreatbody.com because that’s what I know.

By Christina Lopez

It’s me who chose that domain name after copying the term from my mother in Windhoek. So I suggested it to him as we were crossing the Namibia/Botswana border to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

I didn’t think he’d accept it, but he did after consulting Cynthia and all their old friends in England. Anyway, I live with my mother in New York and Joseph is our best friend. He and I have a lot in common when it comes to literature. In fact I think he taught me everything I know today in literature. Before I met him I wasn’t writing well, he taught me that!

He also introduced me and my mother to some self-defense, a little bit, but enough to defend ourselves even by running away. So in my opinion, I think supergreatbody.com is the right place to meet friends, even friends one hated.

“I still don’t believe that I’m working with ex-policemen! If only they knew how much I hated policemen, they wouldn’t have given me this job! There was a time when I spoke to no policemen at all, but now I realized that I’m beginning to soften up to them a little bit, thanks to Cynthia and Joseph.”

“I also accepted to work with them because the whole purpose of supergreatbody.com is to connect with people for fun. So one way or another, even I will have to start liking my enemies (the police) without hard feelings I guess, thanks to supergreatbody.com”

Joseph is using supergreatbody.com to present self-defense lessons online. And I use it to talk crap, so it’s a win-win situation. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that I’ve a running post about this matter. So maybe you should rather go to it instead.

But so far, I’m so thankful to Joseph and his friends like Cynthia and all in England for coming up with supergreatbody.com otherwise I would be dead by now. They saved my life, only that they don’t know it. I really admire Joseph very much. The man is a brain!

Anyway, catch my endless burning story about how I met Joseph in Africa. Read about it here…

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